Road reinforcement

When building a road or a runway on a poor loaded capacity soil, reinforcement is necessary. Several alternatives exist to consolidate the subsoil. Among them, geosynthetics are widely use, mainly thanks to their cost efficiency and easiness of installation.

Our geosynthetics, TeleVev® and TeleGrid®, are aimed to reinforce the subsoil. Their mains advantages are:

• The possibility to build on poor load bearing capacity soils,
• Cost-effective,
• Speed of installation.

On asphalt reinforcement application, Tele Road® is designed to:

• To reinforce the upper layer of the asphalt,
• Extend the pavement life.


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TeleRoad® geogrids are used for asphalt reinforcement.

TeleRoad® is made of glass fibres/textured glass filler yarns and is primarily intended to be used for stabilisation of asphalt roads and for reconstructions of bituminous road surfaces.

TeleRoad® saves both time and money because it promises an easy and quick installation on the site of the job. In addition to asphalt reinforcements TeleRoad® can also be used in applications where high strength at low elongation is needed.

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TeleGrid® is our product range for woven or knitted geogrids for soil reinforcement. Our geogrids are PVC coated for protection and easy handling.

TeleGrid® is our range of geogrids with high strength at low elongation. The stress-strain properties for TeleGrid® are found in accordance with relevant CEN/ISO standards.

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TeleVev® woven polyester geotextiles are for soil reinforcement and separation.

Thanks to polyester properties, TeleVev® offers excellent characteristics regarding resistance to creep, mechanical damage, UV-light and chemical and biological degradation. TeleVev® has good friction properties for all types of common fill materials.

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