EroNet® is a light polyester net that is used to protect against light surface erosion on embankments just after sowing and before the grass has grown.

It is very easy to pin the net to the top and bottom of an embankment.

EroNet® is delivered in rolls of 4.50m (width) and 100 to 300m long. The mesh size is 7mm x 7mm

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Slope erosion

Four things cause slope erosion: the amount and rate of rainfall, the steepness or gradient of the slope, the amount and nature of plant cover, and the type of soil and bedrock underneath.

When a raindrop falls it is usually absorbed into the pore spaces of the soil. However, when these pore spaces become saturated the raindrops will either stand on the surface as a puddle or flow downhill. As the water flows downhill it will carry with it soil particles and other material. This is the start of erosion. Tele Textiles a range of offers solutions to tackle the problem:

• TeleGrid® for reinforcing the slope
• TeleNet® for keeping the fine particles in place
• EroNet® for strengthening the vegetation

The less plant cover and leaf material on the ground, the more open the soil will be to the flowing run-off water.

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